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aviation-themed crash game
aviation-themed crash game
crash game with a space theme
Lucky Jet
crash game about flying on a jetpack
crash game about an airport from which a plane takes off
aviation-themed crash game
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Popular questions and answers
What is a crash game?
Crash games are a trend in the gaming industry that has become especially noticeable in recent years; major gaming platforms are actively promoting it. The mechanics of the game "crash" work as follows: in the game there is an object that moves according to a schedule. Along with the movement of the object, the coefficient by which the player’s bet per round is multiplied increases. The player has the opportunity to collect his winnings at any time while the object is moving, however if the object falls, the round ends and the player loses his bet.
What are the basic crash game strategies that will help you increase your chances of winning and minimize your losses?
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